Friday, July 28, 2006

Update on the Healthy Eating

I'm not hungover. Really, I'm not. But I do feel tired and in the need of something more than salad for lunch.

Since I started the salad eating campaign in an attempt to lose some weight, I've done fairly well. I've bought salad items in Tescos or for a treat I've had Eat's Superfood Salad (I may well be addicted to these).
Last night, I did something very odd on returning from the pub. I had a craving for a bowl of salad! It has quite a bit of dressing on, so not that healthy, but plenty of seeds (I've always loved seeds - I used be quite envious of our pets budgies' seed bells as a child).

However, there have been a few days when I've needed a Pret sandwich and crisps to get me through the afternoon and today is going to be one of them.

Anyway, I weighed less than I thought I would when I used the scales at my mother's last week - not the most accurate measure as I had no idea how much I did weigh before the salading started. My best friend said I looked slim & asked if I'd been swimming lots and my sister took the piss out of my small wrists (in the way only family can!).

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