Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Nothing ever happens

This week has been supremely dull. Every day has been the same:

Get up, go for swim, go to work on hot crowded tube, do mind-numbing tasks, wander around the shops, eat salad, more dull work, go home on hot crowded tube, eat food, watch film, go to bed.

The only thing different today was that I couldn't use the cubicle I normally use at the pool because someone had left an empty crisp packet (Walkers Sweet Chilli) and whisky minature in there and I didn't want to get changed amongst someone's litter. I can only assume that the litterbug had just decided to empty their rubbish in there, rather than having ate/drank in there. Spicy crisps and whisky don't strike me as particularly appropriate pre or post-swim snack.

Still at least nothing bad has happened. No news is good news and all that!

1 comment:

LeperColony said...

Chips don't really seem like they'd go well with Whiskey. Of course, nothing really goes well with Whiskey except personal problems.