Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life without Coffee

I have given up coffee. I am now in Day 5 of Life without Coffee.

I haven't had headaches or any of the withdrawl symptoms I'd read about, but it hasn't been fun. I don't think I miss the coffee itself that much, but rather the ritual of coffee drinking.
At work, it breaks up the day, giving me a reason to get up from my desk for a break every few hours. So I've invested in some fruit tea so I can still have something to drink (do) at work.

But more than the work habit, I love the thought of sitting in cafes, enjoying a latte, perhaps with a cake or pastry. And cakes, pastries and biscuits just don't go with fruit tea, but then I should probably be giving up those too.

Today is going to be tough. Sundays were made for reading the papers with an endless steam of coffee. And despite thinking I was doing well, last night I actually dreamt about breaking my coffee-fast, dreaming about having a coffee in an art gallery cafe. I was pleased when I woke up and realised that I hadn't "fallen off the wagon", but the dream illustrates that as well as giving up biscuits etc, I may also have to give up on galleries and museums in case their cafes prove to be too much temptation!

(I'm still drinking regular tea, but I take my tea so weak that the caffeine content must be negligible. Once I get over coffee, I may get rid of the tea too, but one step at a time)

Friday, May 07, 2010

The Election - Some Thoughts

Firstly, why am I still awake? I have work tomorrow.

Ken Clarke is quite funny. His comments about the media coverage were most amusing when the BBC wanted to cut off the interview with him to show pictures of Gordon arriving at his count.

Sara Brown's skirt was rather short. Her legs pretty good, but I think it is too late to win any votes by showing a bit of leg.

Where is the glory for the Sunderland seats to be the first to declare? Surely it would be better to boast of a decent turnout and an electorate that put some thought into their voting.

It saddens me that in many areas the BNP get more votes than the Green Party.