Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life without Coffee

I have given up coffee. I am now in Day 5 of Life without Coffee.

I haven't had headaches or any of the withdrawl symptoms I'd read about, but it hasn't been fun. I don't think I miss the coffee itself that much, but rather the ritual of coffee drinking.
At work, it breaks up the day, giving me a reason to get up from my desk for a break every few hours. So I've invested in some fruit tea so I can still have something to drink (do) at work.

But more than the work habit, I love the thought of sitting in cafes, enjoying a latte, perhaps with a cake or pastry. And cakes, pastries and biscuits just don't go with fruit tea, but then I should probably be giving up those too.

Today is going to be tough. Sundays were made for reading the papers with an endless steam of coffee. And despite thinking I was doing well, last night I actually dreamt about breaking my coffee-fast, dreaming about having a coffee in an art gallery cafe. I was pleased when I woke up and realised that I hadn't "fallen off the wagon", but the dream illustrates that as well as giving up biscuits etc, I may also have to give up on galleries and museums in case their cafes prove to be too much temptation!

(I'm still drinking regular tea, but I take my tea so weak that the caffeine content must be negligible. Once I get over coffee, I may get rid of the tea too, but one step at a time)


Roses said...


Life without coffee isn't worth living...unless....

Is there a particular reason you've given up coffee?

*wiggles eyebrows in a meaniful manner*

SandDancer said...

There is a reason but its not the one you are thinking of, sadly.

Still off the coffee after quite a few weeks. I still want one though.

Roses said...

Damn. I was hoping.

Well done. I wouldn't last two hours without my coffee in the morning. I think Boy would take me in the garden and shoot me, to put me out of my misery; and his.