Thursday, July 06, 2006

Kill the Rabbit

Yesterday, I had a cloud of gloom hanging over me. Induced partly by the on-going website stress, partly by the sheer lazy uselessness of the colleague (who ate lunch an hour before going out to eat a 3 course lunch, such is his gluttony) and admittedly partly hormonal.

I tried to alleviate this in several ways

  • I allowed myself an M&S lunch rather than a plate of salad (didn't help - I just felt guilty)
  • I went 'cheap shopping in Primark (didn't help - all I bought was a bath mat and a pair of tights, not exactly essential in the current temperatures)
  • I compiled a Glastonbury 04 playlist on my ipod. This did help a bit

I realised when trying to put together the playlist that my most of my memories had nothing to do with the music, so it took a while and I had to ask for the OH's help.

His stroke of genuis was the suggestion of 'Ride Of The Valkyries' as we watched a bit of ENO. Rather embarrassingly, we both have a habit of referring to this is 'Kill the Rabbit' because our knowledge of this opera is pretty much derived from the Bugs Bunny cartoon 'What's Opera, Doc?'.

I listened to the playlist on the way in to work and found that a bit of Wagner is very effective in psyching myself up for a day at work. Previously I have mainly used MC5 'Kick Out the Jams' and LCD Soundsystem 'Jump into the Fire' for this purpose, so its nice to have something else and my first piece of opera on my ipod.

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northern monkey said...

you are not alone - my other halfs father swears he can only motivate himself to start diy projects with a bit of uplifting wagner with his pre-project cup of tea and ciggie...bizarely only bad disco classics of the cringeingly 'yes sir I can boogie'type seem to work for me! I have to hide my 'motivational collection' in a folder on my mp3 for fear my secret might be discovered