Monday, July 03, 2006

Spot the difference

If talking to myself constantly is the first sign that I need a break, then Saturday certainly presented the second sign.

I was going to sit in the garden to enjoy the sunshine while reading the paper so went to get the deckchair out, but instead I got out the ironing board. Had it not been for the other half asking me what I was doing, I'm sure I would have made it into the garden before I realised.

In my defence, we do store both things in the kitchen and both are items that fold out, but there ends any similarity.

Today I have booked my train ticket for home at the end of the month and for once I'm going to take an extra day off before I come back into work, so that I can just relax.


Lucy In The Sky said...


SandDancer said...

I've only just lived down the time I poured juice into the pasta bowls one mealtime. I stopped before serving the pasta in glasses obviously.

Lucy In The Sky said...

I don't do things like that but I do routinely set fire to things. I put a foil packet of butter in the microwave to melt it recently. BIG mistake.