Saturday, July 01, 2006

Elizabeth, My Dear

I had a great night out last night with my friend Liz, but that's not to say that everything went to plan!

We started in the Brazilian bar in Selfridges which was frankly awful. The cocktails were great, but instead of samba music and South Amercians, it had blaring R'n'B and was full of cropped-haired tattooed blokes in football shirts (not Brazil shirts either). So we only stayed for one before going to St Christophers Place, which always makes me feel like I'm on holiday.

We managed to get an outside table at at Mediterranean restaurant, Mimosa. We ordered a selection of meza dishes and waiting with our drinks... and waited. The waitress apologised for the delay mumbling something about it all being fresh & not frozen (we were having cold dishes so it wasn't really relevant!). The couple next to us had three courses before ours arrived. The another waitress rather rudely asked me what I was waiting for as if to imply that we were taking up space without ordering. Then once the food eventually arrived (the plates were another 10 minutes behind), a waiter tried to clear it away twice before we were finished. They gave us a free drink but really that didn't make up for it, but luckily we still managed to enjoy our night.

As I still don't have a digital camera, this picture of the woman from Hong Kong Phooey will have to suffice as she does look a lot like Liz!


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