Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sun, it shines on all of us

So far, I’ve managed to stay relatively unflustered by the sun. Journeys to and from work on the tube are pretty nasty, but during the day our office is so cold and I’m so far away from the window, that it is easy to forget how hot it is outside. Today, for the first time, I braved wearing city shorts to work (I’ve worn them in the winter but with tights so that doesn’t count). I thought it might be pushing the boundaries of appropriate office attire but I’m still dressed smarter than my un-ironed pie-worshipping nemesis.

On the radio this morning, Lauren was talking about advice one of the papers was giving on coping with the weather – there was the usually stating the bleeding obvious stuff about drinking water, wearing sun cream & loose clothing, but they had also suggested putting stones in the fridge then carrying them around with you & applying to your head when you get hot. There then followed listeners' suggestions in a similar vein – my favourite was the idea to cover yourself in jam to attract wasps so the flapping of their wings would keep you cool and their presence would keep away bees. I haven't tried it yet - I'm sticking with the shorts for now.

While I'm talking about the sun, the above line comes from my current favourite song 'Watch the Sunrise' by Big Star. While listening to it this morning, I realised that it has been a long time since I saw a sunrise and this made me a bit sad. The last time I did was at Glastonbury two years ago. I'm such a lightweight these days that I don't ever stay up all night and whenever I wake up early enough its through insomnia, which just makes me irritable so that last thing I'm thinking about is the beauty of a sunrise. So at the next available opportunity I'm going to try to watch a sunrise. It will undoubtedly be on my own as I think the OH and I have gone passed the romantic watching the sun together stage (this thought also made me sad).


Suz said...

Dawn is my favourite time of day. I haven't seen a sunrise for a long time either. Oh, well, actually, the last time would be when I was looking after an ill friend. I don't think that quite counts!

It makes me sad that I have no-one with whom I could watch a sunrise. We all have something that makes us a wee bit sad, I suppose.

Still, it's a beautiful, positive time of day. Think I might get up early tomorrow...!

SandDancer said...

Did you get up early? I was intending to, but when I woke up at 4am today, my only concern was getting back to sleep as quicly as possible.

Suz said...

Um, no. In my defence I did not sleep well at all. *Very* strange dreams involving Kate Moss, and another with inflatable animals.

But I will - I will see that sunrise again!