Monday, July 10, 2006

The Return of the Last Great Rock n Roll Band

Yet another amazing Primal Scream performance on the tv last night. Not so much the music (although they are sounding back on form) but mainly the interview. The lovely Colin Murray was interviewing them again, although it wasn't live and I noticed he wasn't left on his own this time.

It started innocently enough but then Colin Murray suggested that they should corrupt Lily Allen as she is very young. To which, Bobby replied "Backstage earlier, she came in my room while I was having a wan.." At which point it cut away - edited, but not quite quickly enough.

This was the highlight of my otherwise awful weekend and really just another excuse for a picture of Bobby Gillespie. I still find him unfeasibly attractive, mainly while he keeps his sunglasses on, so its less obvious that the hedonism is taking its toll (but then I used to fancy Shaun Ryder right up until he turned into a slug a few years ago - I have a weakness for the wrong type of men which I really should have grown out of years ago, like eating the lemon slices out my drinks in public which I still do).

Their website has a series of podcast (how modern!) interviews conducted by Murray. The first is on the site now and I'm severely torn between going home to listen to it or doing what I'm supposed to be doing, which is going to the theatre to see some Chaucer.


Lindsay said...

Did you hear Lily Allen acoustic on radio 1?

SandDancer said...

No, I didn't. I'm not sure I'm that keen on her although I think it might be more to do with the hype than her actual music. The song Smile really reminds me of 'Unemployed in Summertime' by Emiliana Torrini - you should check her out if you like Lily Allen.

Lucy In The Sky said...

Saw Lily Allen on MTV last night. Her attitude reminds me a bit of Amy Whinehouse, but without the jazz. Talking of which, I saw Amy Whinehouse looking like a trampy mess in Camden last year. Anyway, I digress.
I love Primal Scream. I once fell out with a flatmate for playing that song that goes 'SICK! FUCK!' at about 800 decibels. I was young and politically angry, what can I say.