Thursday, July 20, 2006

Not Shopping

In the last two days, I have not bought two dresses and two pairs of shoes.

Obviously, there have been lots of other dresses and shoes that I haven't bought either, but these were ones that I liked, tried on, they fitted/I could walk in them, but I still didn't buy them. The shoes actually looked a bit ugly on, but the dresses both suited me and were hugely reduced in the sale, yet I still resisted. Neither was particularly practical - one of them was white and was the sort of dress I imagine myself wearing to get married (i.e. to elope so not really that wedding-like at all).

This remarkable restraint did not make me feel very happy - I felt rather deflated, instead of proud of myself.


Suz said...

Ah, but you might see an even *better* dress! Who knows what lies around the next high street corner?

Oh, and I think you should be very proud of yourself - you have far, far more self-restraint than I could ever muster!

Scarlett said...

why did you resist? Dresses are such pretty things, that even if I haven't worn them, I only have to open my wardrobe and peek at them and they make me smile.

Is that wrong?

Suz said...

I hope not, cos I fo that too! A wee peek at my pretty clothes always cheers me up :-)

SandDancer said...

I cracked as I left work and went back to buy the white dress. I thought to myself 'if its still there, its fate that I should buy it'!

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