Tuesday, July 04, 2006

News from the North

I spoke to my mum last night. Here is a round-up

  • Gran - no change, still can't talk properly or use her right arm
  • Auntie C - going into hospital on Thursday for op - a bit obsessed about what she can & can't eat
  • Sister D - sprained ankle doing her running & insisted mum took her to A&E. Has audition for a theatre company this week which will involve travelling around the country.
  • Sister G - awful on-off boyfriend hoping to get a job on an oil rig which requires him to do some survival training. I said perhaps he won't survive.
  • Ellie (dog) - if sister gets acting job, she will have to go to a kennel when mum goes on holiday

All of these things are worrying mother, but so far she is coping. I'm looking forward to going up to see her soon.

Perhaps there is some hope for my gran as there was just an item on the news about a woman in Newcastle who has recovered from a stroke to find she is talking with a Jamaican accent. Probably rather sick to laugh about this, but sometimes it is the only way to deal with things.

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