Monday, June 05, 2006

Salad Days

I'm trying to lose weight. Not in any scientific, sticking to a proper diet kind of way - mainly by eating salad for lunch instead of my customary Pret sandwich (often accompanies by a bag of crisps). Also I don't actually own a set of scales so I'm going to be going on the fit of my clothes.

The slight problem I have (apart from the lack of scales) is that I don't really feel I can tell anyone else that I'm on this mission because they are bound to tell me that I don't need to lose any weight. Whilst I'm certainly a long way off obesity (I'm a UK size 10), I don't feel that good about my body of the moment. Some items of clothing are fitting a little too snugly, my upper arms have lost their shape and my thighs are awful.

Ironically, the time I was happiest with my body was probably at the time I was unhappiest with my life, which was about five years ago - I even bought and wore a pair of hot pants (just on holiday not in this country). A combination of an awful job with the constant threat of redundancy and a huge crisis in confidence was great for my figure. Despite my issues with my current workplace, it, unfortunately, hasn't as yet triggered any weight-loss.

I realise that exercise is the best way to resolve this, but I don't really have the time or the energy at the moment (this last week I've return to my old habit of dozing off at around 9pm), so for now I'm sticking with the salad.


Lucy In The Sky said...

How funny! I'm doing the exact same thing. My tactic is to eat smaller portions though. I've found that I can go without snacking as well if I try. I'm only a 10 but I like being a slimmer 10 if I can.

SandDancer said...

Good luck! I can't help but think that I should have started it a bit earlier though, rather than waiting until the summer had started.

Lucy In The Sky said...

I don't think anybody starts before the summer, because there's no reason to, because you stay more hidden by clothes.