Tuesday, June 27, 2006


(Not the web development company, although it wouldn't be inaccurate to call them that as new problems keep springing up just as they sort out one area.)

I am referring to Avenue Q which I went to see last night, actually getting a free ticket through work for something decent for once.

It was great. I'm not usually a big fan of musicals (unlike my sisters who like nothing more than a blast of Rodgers & Hammerstein) but I really enjoyed this. Evidently, not as much as the woman with the overly loud laugh behind me, who kept saying 'Oh that is just so true' every few minutes.

I was shocked at how shocked I was at the puppet sex scene, especially considering neither puppet actually had a lower body so it was hardly explicit. But I still blushed!

Since my usual choices at the theatre and cinema tend to be alot darker, it was good to leave feeling uplifted, but without feeling that it was too sickly sweet. I was still in a good mood when two drunken Australians started talking to me on the tube and I decided it would be easier to just talk to them rather than pretend to read which is my normal tactic.


northern monkey said...

Having seen the posters claiming the show to be "like your life only funnier" - I thought it sounded a bit odd (and potentially not very entertaining if it was, say, even only slightly funnier than my life), but sounds good..might have to check it out

SandDancer said...

It was funnier than my life, but then most things are at the moment. If you like puppets and don't hate musicals, then I would recommend it, although my enjoyment was obviously enhanced by it being free.