Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The demise of The White Lion

We don't really have a local which is a shame because I think I would feel more settled if we did. I'm not even sure which pub is exactly the closest to us, but its between two. I have frequented one of them a couple of times - actually I had lunch in the beer garden all but one time - the first time I drank indoors there was the last time I drank there. There was a definite air of violence brewing and our faces didn't fit (we were with a male friend with long-ish hair).

The second pub was worse.

We have never been in the White Lion. My other half loves a dingy 'old man's' pub, so long as they have sport on the television, but even he wouldn't cross the threshold of The White Lion. There were usually at least two wrecked vehicles and one man urinating in what passed for the beer garden (three benches with only a falling down fence to separate it from the main road). From what we could see of the inside (the windows weren't the cleanest), there would always be about ten customers in there (all men of course), but it never looked very welcoming to outsiders.

Anyway, today I had to get off the tube at a different stop from usual so walked past The White Lion for the first time in ages and to my surprise, it isn't The White Lion anymore. Its been tarted up, a signing was boasting about its food and it has a new name. I was quite excited & told the Other Half, thinking that perhaps we could go in now, but apparently not. According to him, it now looks a bit poncey!

It was also completely empty (the pub over the road was packed) so it looks as if they've alienated the hard drinking men of west London, but failed to attract a new crowd.

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