Saturday, June 17, 2006


No real progress on the Gran front, but my mum sounds ok. The NHS is being rubbish as usual - no test results until Monday because its the weekend. But I'm not going to rant about that because I'm going out soon and once I start on that I'll be here all day. Anyway, I'm feeling calmer - tiredness from Birmingham was probably making me feel worse yesterday.

I'm off out to Jane's 30th Birthday party soon. I'm going straight from the Gallery (where I am now) so have brought an outfit to change into. I'm wearing my new green dress (yes, another dress) with footless tights. I'm slightly aprehensive about this as it is the first time I've worn footless tights (rather behind the times) and I've a feeling the OH won't like them, but because I'm meeting him there he won't have a chance to say anything negative until its too late for me change.

I'm quite looking forward to the party now, as the OH has dug out some ridiculous old indie songs to play as these people are terrified of anything remotely dancey. He has even got some Inspiral Carpets!!! 'She Comes in the Fall' which was my suggestion (I haven't heard it for about 15 years) and 'This is How it Feels to be Lonely' his selection, despite me pointing out that it was hardly a party tune.

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