Sunday, June 25, 2006

Too Much Caffeine in your Bloodstream and a Lack of Real Spice in Your Life

I'm bored. I'm having a boring weekend. Sometimes I really appreciate not having much to do but this weekend, I'm feeling frustrated by it.

Friday night, I fell asleep ridiculously early even by my standards and still managed to wake up after 9 o'clock, which made it too late to go to pool before the hoards arrive. I went to the Gallery, got quite a bit of work done there but nothing interesting happened.

Last night, we watched football (same as we do every night) and then the Mark Steel Lectures. It was the one about Byron which I had seen before, but enjoyed watching it again - him being accompanied everywhere by a bear particularly tickled me. I have a bit of thing for Byron and Shelley anyway - 'mad, bad and dangerous to know' I always thought Byron was my type (i.e. hugely unsuitable as a boyfriend) and I quite fancied Shelley - I had a picture of him on my wall at uni - I think it was the shirts which were quite Bernard Butler-esque. Here's a gratutious pic of PBS.

Today, I was up early enough to go swimming. On the way back, a drunk said good morning to me and told me I was beautiful. I was going to tell him he was drunk, but didn't bother as he probably knew that anyway and these days, I've got take any compliments I can get.

I've read the newspaper already, listening to Jimmy Carr on the radio and am on my second cup of coffee, wondering how soon I can have another one just for something to do. I'm even thinking about cleaning the hob. Still only 4 hours until the football.

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