Tuesday, June 06, 2006

English Rose

Today I'm wearing one of my recently purchased dresses and four people have complimented me on it. Nobody has recoiled in horror at my pale legs either. I'm resisting society's pressure to be tanned and trying to comfort myself with being 'an English Rose'. I do actually tan a bit but after a scare with a mole (not of the short-sighted creature variety) I have been very cautious and I don't really have any time to sit in the sun these days anyway. I have dallied with fake tan but as I keep promising to go swimming there really isn't much point and besides which I think it would look a bit odd to come in bronzed one day when I was milky the day before.

Besides the complexion and dress, I'm quite far removed from an English Rose. I don't think my choice of the MC5 and Primal Scream that I listened to on my way to work quite fitted with my dress, but I liked the contrast.

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