Wednesday, June 07, 2006


When I first started this blog, I imagined I would write about art, literature and politics. Instead what seems to have happened is that I have talked about clothes, famous men I find attractive and and how unhappy I am at work.

So I thought I should write about something a bit more cultural today.

The V&A currently has two exhibitions that I want to see, Sixties Fashion and Sixties Graphics (there is also the Che Guevara exhibition, but we saw that in New York!). As luck would have it, this coming weekend I don't have to go to 'my' gallery. So I'm determined to get out of the house on Sunday and down to South Kensington.

Now I just have to decide what to wear!

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Lucy In The Sky said...

My blog was intended to be a real warts and all diary, which I guess it is still but life's much happier now thankfully so I end up going on about clothes and celebs like some sort of Heat reader. I can relate therefore to your dilemma.
The 60's fashion exhibition sounds fab!