Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A New Enemy

I've watched the West Wing, the Daily Show and Michael Moore's films, but I really don't follow American politics that closely. So last night's Newsnight was the first time I'd come across Ann Coulter. She has written another best-selling book criticising liberal America for being godless. She is apparently adored by Conservatives in America but to me (and Paxman) she just seemed like a hate-filled idiot. She wasn't able to answer any of his questions properly - her typical response would be 'I'm bored with being asked that' or 'Yes I do believe that - its in the book', so I really don't understand why she is so admired as she didn't really offer any decent arguments - she just came across as a bigot and reactionary. She had none of the wit of P J O'Rourke either.

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