Sunday, June 11, 2006

The World Cup - Some Thoughts

On my way to the pool this morning, a 'patriot' with flag on their car drove past me and I thought that after yesterday's lack lustre performance, I wouldn't be so keen to wave the flag this morning. As my friend Colin would say 'The result is everything' but really I didn't see anything to be proud of in yesterday's match. Whereas, supporters of Trinidad & Tobago and the Ivory Coast can hold their heads up higher today because even though neither team actually won, they played their hearts out.

We also had the misfortune to watch 'Rio's World Cup Wind-Ups'. I just wanted to see a bit of it, to see how bad it was, but ended up watching it all to see if any of them actually worked. Rio is no Jeremey Beadle - most of his 'victims' seemed pretty unfazed by the stunts - either too stupid to understand what was going on or so arrogant/rich that not much actually matters to them. Peter Crouch was a genius though - his overly complicated set-up (clearly an idea Rio had for a film) involved a dwarf, mafia and a phallic-shaped property development - but Crouch took his in his considerable stride and when things got heavy, he simply said 'I'm just here to look at a penis shaped apartment. The only person who came out of his looking bad was Rio. His catchphrase of "You've been merked" didn't help - I've no idea if I've spelt this right as I'd never heard this word before last night. If anyone knows, please let me know.

I'm wondering if I can uninstall ITV from our television in case we are ever tempted to watch anything on there again. I'm certain it killed more brain cells than any years of substance abuse could.

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