Thursday, June 29, 2006

Talking to myself

I keep talking to myself or more accurately inanimate objects, and its getting embarrassing.

I talk to the new website at work alot, mainly asking it why it isn't working properly, but I snapped on Friday and told it, I hate it. It didn't respond immediately but since then it has been playing up even more. This morning at the pool, I told the water in the shower that it was too hot - its a poolside shower so there were other people within earshot.

Possibly worst of all, I said hello to skirt in H&M the other day. My exact words were 'Oh hello again!'. It was a skirt I had previously tried on twice a few months earlier and couldn't decide whether I like it, so when it turned up in the sale, I greeted it like an old friend.

I'm losing it.


Lucy In The Sky said...

I talk to myself if something bad happens like my umbrella won't open. That happened to me the other week and in the middle of the street I said 'oh, have a word!' to the umbrella.

I think people who walk along talking on hands free sets look far more insane than we do.

northern monkey said...

too true lucy - i hate those hands free things...I have a problem with talking to my pc at work - it used to be fine as I sat in a quiet bit of the office unobserved and unheard rantign my my spreadsheet formulas that don't add up, but following an office reshuffle, I'm on a desk of 4 in the middle of the room, so now the whole office think I'm mad!

Lucy In The Sky said...

Hehehe. I quite often laugh out loud at emails I get and stuff and everyone thinks I'm mental. Office insanity is probably quite commonplace though.