Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just Like Riding A Bike

At the end of the month, we are having a mini-break to the New Forest. It will involve a spa, wine on the veranda, craft shops and other relaxing fun.

The OH however has also suggested that it should also involve cycling.

I’m not a natural born cyclist. I haven’t been on a bicycle for 17 years (half-hearted attempts on an exercise bike aren’t the same) since I nearly went under a lorry on one in Germany on a school exchange trip because the brakes didn’t work properly. I’m also not blessed with the greatest balance in the world and I’m scared of traffic, although the latter excuse won’t wash if we stick to cycle paths.

All of the OH’s friends’ partners seem to be the sort of girls who love this kind of thing – outdoorsy, hearty country girls with rosy cheeks, sensible shoes and a Girl Guide spirit. I am not. In fact, I’m about as far removed as that as possible.

But to keep him happy I thought I should give it a go.

Then another thought occurred to me – what does one wear to ride a bicycle? My planned holiday attire (one of the most important elements of a holiday for me) was going to be whimsical dresses, sandals, perhaps a wide-brimmed hat, maybe some wide-legged trousers if the weather wasn’t so good. At no point was it ever going to involve anything that can be purchased in Millets or Blacks (I’ve surprised myself here by even knowing the names of Outdoor Activity shops). But I suspect I may at least need something that covers my limbs to provide protection against scraps and falls – already negative thoughts are overtaking me.

I know its one of those things you are never supposed to forget how to do, but really its been a long time and I have a habit of being the exception that’s proved many a rule.


M said...

We cycle quite a bit, although I'm somewhat of a girlie girl myself.

Here's the first thing you forget from last time and the first thing you remember when you climb on again: Your bottom gets sore quickly!

Make sure you buy a pair of cycling shorts, padded in all the right places...or you may regret it later. :)

SandDancer said...

Its not that I'm girly (far from it) - its that I'm not outdoorsy - I'm very much indoorsy - museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas are my thing. The open spaces of the countryside used to bring on panic attacks - its only in recent years that I can even contemplate going somewhere rural.

I had no recollection of a sore behind!

Roses said...

I'm so with you sanddancer. Cycles = ouch as far as I'm concerned. I'm happy walking and have a decent pair of boots, which I tend to wear when it's wet (I hate having wet feet).

I can't think of anything useful to suggest as to how to deal with the healthy, outdoorsie type. The Viking has threatned camping, which will give him a laugh at any rate.

But I'll be here with a bottle of Pinot Grigio and be ready to chat about the Hayward Gallery (and lots of sympathy) when you get back.

Inspector Monkfish said...

Personally speaking, I'm speaking personally here, personally speaking, I tend to not wear pretty dresses while riding a bicycle.

But then I tend to not wear pretty dresses most of the time :)

Hope that helps. ;)

SandDancer said...

Roses - I don't mind walking at all either so perhaps it can be toned down to several long walks instead.

Inspector M - Perhaps you should try a pretty dress sometime.