Friday, June 01, 2007

Old Age

Ellie, our family dog, is now eleven. That is 77 in dog years.

Although she is still pretty much just a little ball of fluff, she is now a little old lady. Some of her fur is going grey, her eyesight is getting worse, she can no longer come down the stairs on her own because of her vision (despite, this she always follows my mum upstairs) and she is no longer able to jump onto the windowsill to watch the world go by.

She is still happy enough - she loves trips out in the car, digging and chasing her food around the lounge. But it worries me that she is getting old.


Sam said...

happy birthday ellie

Loving the new look blog, btw!!

SandDancer said...

Thanks about the blog - I was very bored one weekend and spent it playing with Photoshop.

M said...

What a sweet little face.

Oh, it's so sad when they start to get older and can't bounce around the same way they used to. We had my last pooch, an Australian Shepherd named Tucker, until he was 15, and he was in such poor health, we had to put him down. I was devastated but it would have been far worse if we had not adopted Baci, the Shitzuh, 6 months earlier.

I subscribe to the theory of "tag-team" pets. When one starts to go downhill, I get another one, and then it's not quite so hard when the first one goes.

Animals are wonderful. I like most of them more than people.

SandDancer said...

I like them more than people too. My sisters and I had already discussed the possibility of another dog but my mum keeps saying that Ellie is irreplaceable and at her age, she doesn't want another one.

Like Ellie, my mum is also getting old - actually they were the same age one year but Ellie overtook her.