Friday, June 08, 2007

All Mod Cons

I'm off to Birmingham with work next week. I had to go there the same time last year too.

The only difference this year will be our hotel. We really struggled to find a suitable hotel i.e. one that fitted our miniscule budget, was available on the necessary night and wasn't the same one we stayed in last year. Pretty much our only option was the NiteNite hotel. The name already annoyed me - then I read the description of its amenities in their rooms which are all referred to as a Cityroom:

"Created to emulate the feel of a cabin aboard a luxury yacht, each fully air-conditioned Cityroom utilises high-quality cherry wood, leather finishes and features the very latest technology, including a 42" plasma screen, multi-channel entertainment, wireless Internet access and high-tech bathroom with power shower."

Not bad for £50 you might think, but then reading further the 'Fact Sheet' it lets slip:

"There is no window in the room; however, the 42" plasma screen will show a picture of the outside."

And here is a rather bendy picture of the window-less room and if I'm not mistaken, on the screen is a picture of downtown Birmingham.

I'm not sure how they've managed to build a whole building without windows or why they would want to - is glazing really that expensive? Perhaps the hotel runs up the centre of another building?

I don't know, but I'll know on Tuesday.

At least its just for one NIGHT.


M said...

It looks like the interior cabin of a cruise ship.

I couldn't stay there. I'm claustrophobic, and it would drive me mad.

SandDancer said...

That is the intention of it.

I shouldn't be in the room too long hopefully as we will be out in the evening and up & out early. And at least I'm not sharing the room as that is allegedly a double room.

Mrs Fashion said...

Oh my, that room is giving me nightmares! No window! A TV Screen! Good luck.
Mrs F x

M said...

Actually, the description says 'the feel of a cabin on a luxury yacht' which is definitely not the same as an interior cabin on a cruise ship. Yikes!

I couldn't do it. It's like a big closet. Maybe you can just leave the lights off all the time and it won't be so obvious. Good luck!

SandDancer said...

My knowledge of boats, ships and other water-going vessels is limited - either way it isn't looking like somewhere I'm going to want to spend much time - but the problem is that I don't want to spend much time out socialising with The Colleague either.