Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Free Wine - An Observation

Last night, as well as a free theatre ticket, we all recieved a free drinks voucher. I opted to have the red wine.

Struggling to finish it (I know I could have left it but I had an hour and a half more of gnomes and goblins or whatever to get through), I decided that the red wine you always get at these things isn't like the red wine I'd buy myself.

Free red wine always tastes of black fruit gums.


Anonymous said...

free red wine always makes my lips and teeth go purple...

Roses said...

I don't drink white wine, it tends to give me crippling acid. However, given a choice of dire white wine and dire red wine, I'd have to take the white. At least cheap white tastes like alcoholic lemonade.

The important question is: did it ease Bored of the Rings? Or are you lying on a therapists couch lamenting the loss of those 3 hours from your life?

SandDancer said...

NM - There is the purple lips issue which I think is made worse by holding the wine in my mouth for a long time as it isn't very nice.

Roses - white wine hurts my stomach too. Not sure if it eased experience as it was only one glass but it gave me something else to think about in lieu of much plot.