Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hat is the Question

I’ve been deliberating whether to buy this hat:

(Bronze metallic floppy sun hat)

The picture doesn’t really do justice to quite how wide-brimmed it is – on a romantic stroll down narrow country lane wearing this, it would be single-file only – its that wide.

Its from Oasis and is reduced in the sale to £4, so we aren’t talking high end millinery here. But I’m still not sure whether to splash out and buy it.

I’m not really that much of a hat person. Apart from practical winter hats and (shudders at the thought) baseball caps, hats tend to be rather attention-seeking or attention-attracting. Whilst I don’t particularly want to look just like everyone else, I equally don’t relish being stared at either. Or more to the point, I don’t want random strangers asking if they can try my hat on (why do people do that with hats? Nobody does it with scarves or gloves but hats seem fair game for being passed around). Nor do I want to run the risk of youngster throwing missiles aiming to knock the hat off.

But it will fold easily for travelling, hats are good protection against the evils of the sun and my mother loves me in a floppy hat (not that pleasing my mother has ever been high up on my list of consideration in choosing clothes, especially since she is 300 miles away, so will hardly benefit from my hat-wearing). But on the otherhand, will I ever really wear it outside of the safety of my own garden?

(If this post doesn't win some sort of prize for the weakest pun ever, I'll erm... eat my hat! - Good grief that was dreadful too!)


M said...

Okay, I nominate your post for the weakest pun ever. :)

I bought a floppy hat like this a while back at a street market. I wore it proudly all day, loving it. I haven't worn it since, and when I put it on now, I wonder why I loved it so much that day.

On the other hand, for 4 GBPs, if you only love it for a day, it was definitely worth the price. Good, cheap entertainment.

SandDancer said...

Good entertainment? But for whom?

My mother used to buy a straw hat every year on holiday - exactly the same style each year. Somehow they never made it to a second holiday, but I was never quite certain what happened to them as she definitely brought each one home.

Anonymous said...

yeah you win the weakest pun prize... :)

I always love the idea of things like this but then tend to find the reality always a bit crap.

Like you I don't like the attention-attracting-ness of such items, so then become obsessed about that and end up owning things I try it on and on at homeand prance around in fron of the mirror in, but never manage to pluck up the courage to wear the thing outside.

The hat would definitely be in the category for me, but if you think you can wear it and feel ok about it then I say go for it!

Roses said...

During a conversation I was having with Monkfish, he asked my opinion. Then he said, 'don't bother I know you'll say yes'. He was right. I say 'yes' even before I know the question.

This is especially true for shopping. If you need to ask, the answer is YES.

Plus, I think the hat's cool.

Inspector Monkfish said...

Roses - I knew you'd say 'yes' both before you knew what the question was, and afterwards ;)

Unfortunately, I fear she may even be right ;)

I'd also be inclined to say go for it - I mean if you're not sure, the worst thing that's happened is that you're down 4 quid (ok, and you'll own a hat that will probably sit somewhere unused for ten years ;) ).
On the other hand, you may decide you actually like it, and/or be incredibly thankful for not having been burnt to a cinder (ok, that's what happens to me, anyway) when you're riding along on a bike in the New Forest on a baking hot day wearing a pretty dress :)

Or something. :)

Anyway, sorry turban-tor on. I really ought to put a cap on the amount I write.

SandDancer said...

I've decided to let 'Shopping Fate' decide - i.e. I didn't buy it yesterday but if I go back today and its still there and then it is meant to be mine. I probably decide far too many things in this way.

Roses - I find it rather worrying that your default answer to everything is 'yes' - does it ever land you in trouble?

And Inspector M has taken my pun prize away.

Roses said...

Unfortunately, saying 'yes' hasn't landed me in as much interesting trouble as you'd have thought.

Though it keeps my credit card company very happy.

SandDancer said...

Well, I bought it. Of course, it remains to be seen whether I'll actually wear it...

M said...

Live on the edge! Wear it! :)

Jennifer said...

that's a cheap and cute hat for the beach!

Miss Forthright said...

I love it, very glam! Wear it with some big sunnies and an air of superiority!

Anonymous said...

Because I'm very sensitive to the sun, I have to wear a hat every day. I must warn you that most of the hats out there now are made for people who never wear hats. Floppy hats are likely to flop in front of your eyes, to the point where you are literally batting them out of the way all day long.

But I think you should get it. It's four quid, and knowing your luck, it won't give you a moment's trouble and you will never want to take it off, and you will go through life known as "the woman in the floppy hat". Not bad for £4.

Girl*Next*Door said...

I am a hat person, I suit bakerboy caps, floppy hats, beanie hats, any hat really which is quite handy as if I DO get into the police then I wont look a fool in the ladycop bowler hat you have to wear! It also doesn't do any harm that quite a few random people have tole me I look like Britney Spears in her good days in bakerboy hats. Were they Lying? Drunk? In need of Specsavers?! Lol or all three! Hahaha

Glad you got it, for £4 even if you only wear it for one day then it's worth it but I reckon it would look particularly nice with a pretty sundress :o)

And if the worst comes to the worst, flog it on Ebay, just label it under 'Kate Moss Topshop' & it will get snapped up!!!

Liking the blog too :o)
Also quite possibly the longest comment I have ever posted, ah well, happy hat days!! ;o)

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Ive seen loads in the sale, I thought of you, they have them in a few shops atm. I want a straw hat, GATC got one from ASOS i saw on the what did you buy this week thread. I dont know if d suit it or when Id wear it though

Mrs Fashion said...

I was going to say 'buy the hat' - but you did, so now it's 'wear the hat!' When it stops raining that is...
Mrs F x

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