Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, Caravan Club!

I heard on the news this morning that today is the birthday of the Caravan Club (its always some sort of strange national day or birthday). The Caravan Club is 100 years old. It shares its birthday with Che Guevara - I'm not sure his thoughts on this matter were documented.

Caravanning is another of those activities that I assume to be a British thing. I know travelling people the world over live in caravans and the US has its trailer parks, but holidaying in a mobile caravan strikes me as being a British thing.

We had a caravan when I was growing up. Not a mobile one - a static one on a caravan site only about 30 minutes drive from our home (admittedly it was in a beautiful area of the Northumberland coast, but still it seemed a bit silly).

I've no idea what possessed my parents to buy it - we always holidayed abroad. We used to visit the caravan for the odd weekend here and there, but more often than not we'd just go there on a Sunday - it was near enough to do that easily. Ridiculously, my mum used to still cook a full Sunday dinner but just relocating it to the caravan so the car would be loaded up with a roast and ready prepared veg, for her to cook there.

Often, it being the north east of England, the weather would be bad, so after lunch we'd stay in the caravan, watching Bonanza on a portable television before returning home early evening.


Anonymous said...

we had a static caravan too - I think it must have been the 70s thing to do.

Ours was in Morecambe of all places! Like yours just 30 minutes in the car - hardly getting away from it all for a break.

I have fond memories of going there, sleeping in a bed that was made from the table/seats int he dining area and making toast in front of the gas fire.

Sadly we sold the caravan as the site closed and the land was sold to build the heysham nuclear power station, but static caravans seem to be making a comeback - our friends in swindon have just bought one! I'm keen to go to reminisce about sleeping in a conined space with a mini window and havign to squash everything into all the little cupboards

Inspector Monkfish said...

I don't remember having ever been in a caravan.

We always used to go on holiday to a little cottage in Norfolk each year. My Dad would do some stuff like cut the hedge for the owner, so we normally got a decent discount each year :)

I'm surprised Roses hasn't commented on this post yet.

I mean caravans could be good for a journey, AND there's mention of Che Guevara! :) Or maybe it's just too many memories of hard work :)
(Assuming I'm remembering the subject of her work correctly, anyway :) )

SandDancer said...

NM - perhaps our families were very trendy then. Ours had one of those fold-down tables so you could sleep more people. Actually compared to the hotel I was in this week a caravan is pretty spacious.

IM - get you with your posh cottage holiday!

Inspector Monkfish said...

Posh cottage holiday?

You owned a caravan! :)

Brenda said...

People should read this.