Friday, June 15, 2007


The OH came home slightly tipsy last night, having been out for drink with some ex-colleagues. Most of the male ex-colleagues are younger than us and single. I'm not sure of the exact conversation, but OH told me that I had been mentioned along the lines of 'I'd be happy to settle down if I'd meet someone like Sanddancer. She's the sort of girl you want to settled down with'. (although obviously they used my actual name).

I was a little embarrassed when he told me but very flattered. Its not the sort of thing that is usually said about me. I must have given them a false impression when I've met them.


Inspector Monkfish said...

I bet OH felt rather proud too :)

I wonder what defines the person you'd want to settle with. I can't really think of anything specific really, other than their simply feeling like the right person.

M said...

Ooh, the OH might better be careful and step it up. Sounds like you have some OPTIONS out there. :)

Miss Butterfly said...

Awww that is such a lovely thing for someone to say about you!

Roses said...

Well duh.

Your OH and his mates know what a fab person you are. And because you have good taste, your OH obviously is intelligent enough to know when he's onto a good thing (no double entendres intended).

You rock.

Mrs Fashion said...

Ah, did you blush?
I would!
Mrs F x

SandDancer said...

I always assumed the sort of person you want to settle down with to be someone who is good at cooking and cleaning, possibly with child-bearing hips. I certainly don't tick the first two boxes - the latter being likely to change on any given day.

Yes, I did blush.