Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You're Gonna Miss Me (Pt 2)

So to the Southbank again last night.

First up, Clinic - the carrot with which I'd lured the OH there. Clinic are the sort of band that you either like or you don't - they have a very distinctive sound so if you like one song, you'll like them all, but the reverse is also true. The OH maintains that they are a quintessential pop band there are four of them, they dress the same, their songs last less than 3 minutes. I'm less convinced by this argument - they might dress the same but their outfits are surgery masks and the quicker songs were described by the OH as 'death stomps' so I don't think they'll be gracing the Top 10 anytime soon. Despite this, I do actually like them and enjoyed their set last night.

I was rather apprehensive about the main act though - I really wasn't sure what to expect and it had been my choice - ordinarily the OH takes care of music and sport and I do films, theatre and art, so the pressure was on!

The crowd was pretty similar to the film screening, but more of them. The Psychedelic Couple were there again and were seated directly in my sight line from my side aisle seat throughout the show. Jarvis Cocker came on to introduce Roky Erickson and the Explosives, giving a little speech about how the word legend is overused etc. The crowd cheered. Roky came onto the stage, looking smaller than in the documentary but healthier.

So what was it like? I'll admit I made a fundamental error in that whilst I love the 13th Floor Elevators, I knew nothing of his other work, except what I saw in the film the previous evening and that wasn't really my sort of thing - a bit heavier, reminding me a bit of Hawkwind. And now he's in a new band, so obviously it was stupid of me to expect end-to-end Elevators songs - like going to see Sting and expecting him just to do Police songs or something. Also the Elevators distinctive sound (mainly from the electric jug) wasn't really re-createable with just guitars and drums. So he played mainly songs from post-Elevators - I didn't mind 'Starry Eyes' but was less keen on most of the others - not that there was anything wrong with them (his voice and guitar playing were, thankfully, still excellent despite his wilderness years), they just weren't my thing - a bit to middle of road rock (I was more interested in the psychedelic side of the psychedelic rock).

But he did play two Elevators songs - Splash and then 'You're Gonna Miss Me' at which point the crowd went wild (well as wild as a crowd of middle-aged people at the Royal Festival Hall can). Psychedelic Man was first out of his seat and down the front (we remained in our seats as we were on side balcony, not that I'm sure I'd have mobbed the stage anyway) and soon many others followed. The song still sounded great (I could feel tears starting to form - I seem to get weepy at concerts far too easily) and I was very pleased that for him that he was able to enjoy this evening of success and appreciation.

Anyway, here (if it works) is a bit of in their prime 13th Floor Elevators.


Inspector Monkfish said...

"First up, Clinic - the carrot with which I'd lured the OH there."

I'm thinking: "Clinic? You clinics aren't usually carrots. They're more of the anti-carrot. What on Earth are you going to a clinic for that someone would WANT to go to?"

..."Clinic are the sort of band..."

I'm thinking: "OHHHH! It's a band!"

I'll go back my uncultured, unknowing little hole now ;)

SandDancer said...

Good grief, boy!

... said...

I have no idea about that band Clinic. I thought initially they were going to be like the Mummies or something. I found it hard to sit through the whole thing truth be told. I'm not sure what they were trying to get at.

In terms of Roky, I have to say that If you had a chance to listen to The Evil One, you would have been familiar with virtually the whole set. It was rough and ready but I loved hearing those songs played live, it was the best thing I've been to in ages.

I reviewed the night also, have a look if you have a chance.

SandDancer said...

Hello ... - thank you for your comments. Its good to hear another opinion on the night - especially since it received very little mainstream media coverage, who were much more interested in Kate Moss/Pete Docherty bit of the night before.

I do readily admit I would have got more from the evening had I known more of his music, but I did still enjoy it and think his voice was still amazing.

... said...

this is the review in question, horrendous!

SandDancer said...

I probably wouldn't expect much better from the Evening Standard. The bit about his shirt being untucked is particularly poor - what difference does it make? And besides having your shirt tucked in, isn't very rock n roll anyway?

I didn't realise Pete Clark was a music journalist - I thought he just wrote bar reviews which might explain it.