Sunday, June 03, 2007

Update - Tomato Plants

My babies seem to be doing well. A few weeks ago, I repotted them and they have definitely grown.

Even the runt of the litter, who I wasn't sure if it was alive, seems to be thriving and is no longer smaller than the others.

Now of course, we just have to wait to see if they will bear fruit, although after all this nurturing, I'm not sure it would feel right to eat them!


Jen said...

Hi Sanddancer,

Great to have 'found' you again :-)

I'm very impressed with your Tomato plants, fingers crossed they bear lots of tomatoes for you!


M said...

They look like a little family. Have you given them names? Although that may make it more difficult to actually eat the tomatoes. :)

SandDancer said...

Funny you should mention names - I did name them - Tom, Thomas, Tomo and Tommy. Although since they've been repotted, I'm not entirely sure which is which.

Mrs Fashion said...

Thanks for the link, I'm loving your blog!
And your tomato plants! I mainly have success with ferns and hostas in my shady patch but am inspired to grown something that I could eventually eat!
Mrs F x

SandDancer said...

Hello Mrs Fashion and thank you! I'm sure there must be something you could grow to eat in your shady patch - what about some herbs?

stephen with a ph said...

I am a Sunderland supporter and have been referred to as a this the case with you?

SandDancer said...

Stephen - I am originally from South Shields and sanddancer is the old nickname for people from there - something to do with do with 'dancing on the beach with Arabs' apparently.

SandDancer said...

Forgot to say, I'm a Sunderland supporter too!

Mrs Fashion said...

Hi SandDancer,
Sorry for not replying sooner - I'm quite bad at returning to posts I commented on to respond to subsequent comments!
Anyway - I do have some herbs too - mint, chives, thyme, rosemary - but the shade andan overzealous Mrs Blackbird intent on eating my seedlings means I'm a little nervous about making the move to bigger plant projects!
Mrs F x