Sunday, June 10, 2007

Urban Flowers

We've moved to ' The Land of the Window Box and Hanging Basket'.

Despite being way out west, there still isn't that much space, but people round here seem determined to make of the most of it. Every other house has some sort of floral display or other. I can imagine it gets quite competitive. But it does brighten the place up and now I'm looking out for flowers everywhere.

This has also coincided with my gaining access to a digital camera so I've become slightly obsessed with taking pictures of the flowers I see on my (limited) travels across London.

Of all the flora, I've spotted over the past few weeks, this one confuses me the most. These people have a clapped out car on their driveway, its going nowhere, it should be scrapped, it makes their house look derelict, its dragging the area down - but still they've go their window boxes. Must have a window box, otherwise what would the neighbours say?

Of course, I've joined in with this myself (with the flowers, not with the old banger on the driveway). After a few weeks of nurturing in the back, my window boxes are now proudly displayed at the front for all to see.

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