Thursday, May 31, 2007

Out of Step

I sometimes feel so dislocated from popular culture, from what the rest of the population is evidently interested in. This feeling is always heightened by the Big Brother season.

I’ll admit I was hooked on Celebrity Big Brother the year George Galloway was on it, but I’ve never properly watched the regular Big Brother. I tuned in briefly during the first series when there was some discussion about someone not liking eggs so they were having a cheese sandwich instead of an omelette – at that point I decided it wasn’t for me – no point in watching something more boring than my own life. Since then it seems to have declined – at best a parade of fame-hungry slack-jawed morons, at worst, people so unstable who you wonder how they passed the psychiatric examination.

Even though I don’t watch the show, its still hard to avoid hearing about it - whether its conversations in the office, covers of magazines or in the newspapers. This morning, on Radio 5, they were discussing the new contestants, and I heard this ’53 year old bisexual from East London, who recently went to a Scissor Sisters gig dressed as a mobile phone’. Did I hear this right – dressed as a mobile phone? Why? What does that signify? Am I missing something here? Or did I mis-hear? I can’t think what else they could have said – dressed as a mobile home perhaps but that makes less sense.

I just don’t understand. Modern life, it confuses me.

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