Friday, May 04, 2007

The New Local

We went to our new local again last night, the F.

The F is a lovely traditional pub with wood beams on the ceiling, friendly staff, a beer garden and as we discovered, a quiz night on Thursdays. To reach the F. we walk down a path alongside the canal, then down a street consisting of lovely stone-clad cottages. The F has been one unexpected bonus of the new area - in the old place we never had a local so we glad to have found one here.

But here is the problem.

It isn't strictly speaking our local - there are actually three pubs closer to our home. The nearest, The W, is a dump, the sort that shows endless horse-racing - but this is in the 'wrong direction' from our home, so we don't ever need to pass it or acknowledge its existence. Walking to the F. though you have to pass the V, a nice enough place, recently done up so fancies itself as a bit of a gastropub and recommended to us by the Estate Agent which is a bit of a negative point. Then even closer to the F, is the D, which we went in once while we were househunting - there was only one other customer in who was having a rather involved conversation with the landlord about drains that they tried to involve us in.

So are we allowed to call the F our local? The walk there is very pleasant, but truth be told it is in a nicer area than the one we live in, so are we fooling ourselves? My mum certainly seemed impressed when I mentioned walks by the canal which gives a false impression as really we are still living in an urban ghetto with poor rubbish collection service (although a green recycling box has re-appeared).


Sam said...


If you can walk to it, its the place that you are most likely to go for "a quick pint" and you feel relaxed there then ys, of course you can call it your local! Mr D and I have "several" locals - hee hee - none of them the closest to our house. The closest sits under an overpass and everyone stops drinking and stares at you should you dare to step foot in the place!!!

Sam xx

SandDancer said...

Hope you are well, Sam.

The 'local' is certainly walking distance now while it is sunny although if it was winter, it might feel a little bit too far.

Our nearest pub looks like the type that wouldn't welcome strangers either and certainly not one I would feel comfortable going in.