Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Great Recycling Swindle

I’m sick of hearing about how, as a nation, we aren’t recycling enough. I know it is important and I want to do my bit but they don’t make it easy.

In our last place, because it was in a block (or multiple dwelling building as the council called it) we weren’t on the recycling collection route. This being London quite a lot of people don’t live in houses though so a fair proportion of the population isn’t able to recycle. Of course, we could have taken our recycling to a recycling point but the nearest one was about a ten minute drive away – two problems here 1) we don’t have a car, 2) even if we did, surely driving there is just as unfriendly to the environment?

So when we moved, I thought ‘great we’ll be able to recycle easily now’. I was wrong. Firstly, they will only take what fits in the supplied green box – if it is overflowing at all, they won’t take it, the recycling men being sticklers for the rules. My weekend newspaper habit alone is enough to fill the box.

But then the recycling took a turn for the worse. Our box went missing! We’ve been box-less for two weeks now. I’ve requested a new box from the council but so far, no joy. I’ve tried putting out my paper mountain in a bag labelled ‘recycling’ in the hope that they will take it away, but no, if its not stored in a magical green box, it apparently can’t be recycled.

I can only hope that a new green box arrives before we drown in newspapers and tinned tomato cans.


Anonymous said...

I find recycling hard work too so can sympathise and it's not for the want of trying.

Our council has recently shut the local tip down - there's now only 1 at the otehr side of th eborough, which is hardly convenient and then they gave us 3 very small recycling bins - one for glass and tins, one for green and one for papers - and each weeks they are always overflowing. We tried putting labelled bags out but they don't get collected or frustratingly the bin men stick a 'this is not eligible for recycling sticker on'

So now everyone precariously balances everything on top of the bin and usually by the time the bin men come the recycling rubbish is scattered halfway down the street!

SandDancer said...

We also have the added problem that our council only manages an average of 50% rubbish collection each week anyway and it literally looks as if they just do alternate houses.