Friday, May 04, 2007

Dress Dilemma Update

I completely ignored the rules I'd laid out for myself previously and ordered this dress online from Topshop.

It broke the no common high street shop rule, something I might wear again rule and something that goes with shoes I already own rule. It also ignored M's helpful suggestion of something plain that could be dressed up with accessories.

In real-life it was foul. Shapeless, unflattering and cheap looking - and on reflection now even looking at the picture, it looks rather nightgown-esque. It has been returned and the search continues.


Miss Forthright said...

Shame. Looks nice in the pic. The Kate Moss shirt is lush. Is yours with you yet?

SandDancer said...

Yes, it arrived on Saturday. I was a bit worried as I'd read that the sizing was very small but it fits fine so I'm keeping it.

Miss Forthright said...

I had trouble getting mine over my head but once on it fits fine. I felt a strange pang of pleasure at being able to fit into a Kate Moss size 8 shirt. I know how wrong that is.