Wednesday, May 23, 2007


At Christmas we found out our friends W & L were expecting a baby. It was a bit of a surprise as not only did L always say she didn't want children, but she actually always said she hated children.

We saw them both at the weekend - rumours (put about by W) that L was huge were greatly exaggerated - she had a tidy little bump.

Last night we received a text to say L had gone into labour 10 weeks early and had given birth to a little baby boy by C-section. He's ok but very small and will be kept in for a few weeks. L is fine and will be home at the weekend.

On receiving the text, I burst into tears.

My relationship with W & L is strange - sometimes I avoid seeing them for months on end as I feel they look down on me, and then I see them and will think perhaps its my problem and nothing to do with them.

I think this proved once and for all is that they are my friends and I love them both so much. And I hope the little one, Samuel, is going to be ok. I'm wondering what sort of toy he would like best and the OH is wondering if Adiddas make trainers in size -10 weeks.


Miss Forthright said...


Roses said...

Oh bless. Relationships can be complicated, but it's lovely to see you being part of theirs.

As a mum and giver of presents to the newly popped...I'd recommend any shaped fuzzy toy. M&S do some fabulous soft toys, which I could cuddle up to for hours. Convince OH to steer away from baby trainers. They do look cute but are hideously expensive and baby won't appreciate it. Baby feet need to be displayed au naturel.

SandDancer said...

I don't think he would really buy baby trainers - its just him and the father have a bit of a shared trainer obsession.

I do remember M&S having some very soft toys over Christmas that I wanted an excuse to buy.

M said...

Take it from me -- sometimes babies happen, whether you're up for it or not. And then sometimes after you get up for it, it doesn't happen afterall. *sigh* And life goes on.

But I bet your friend has already changed her mind about babies, and she probably thinks he's the coolest thing ever, as she should. I would have done the same, had it worked out, even though I never wanted kids. People are funny that way.