Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Driving Miss Daisy

I've been up north for a few days - to a world without internet i.e. my mum's. It was a good trip but pretty uneventful.

One thing that happened was we went for a drive in my sister D's new car. D just passed her test two weeks go and has bought herself this car, who she has christened Daisy. Whilst it wouldn't have been my choice, it has made her very happy.

Going for a drive in Daisy doesn't exactly make you inconspicious and attracts a lot of attention around the quiet streets of the north east. However, whilst D expects you to coo over Daisy as if she was a newborn (including taking her photograph), once she is behind the wheel, she seems to forget she is driving a pink floral mobile, and was puzzled the other day as to why a group of people at a bus stop were pointing and laughing. She thought they were laughing at her glasses which she only wears for driving!


Anonymous said...

A few years ago my sister had one of those hot pink suzuki vitara jeeps - I used to cringe when I had to go in it - it was like getting a lift in the barbie mobile - everyone stared wherever you went...truely horrifc...your sister's car is actually quite cute tho...

SandDancer said...

I don't even know what a suzuki vitara jeep is - car talk is a foreign language to me. But I do understand the phrase Barbie Mobile! At least it makes buying her presents easy now - any kind of pink fluffy dice type thing will do.