Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Suburbian Railway - Some Observations

I’ve been taking the train into work for about a month now. It is very different from my previous journey into work by tube.

  • The train arrives a few minutes late most days, especially if I’ve panicked and hurried there
  • The train is shorter than the platform but there is no telling where it will stop as it changes daily
  • Everyone moves along the platform once the train arrives even if they were already level with a door
  • The ‘No Smoking’ rule doesn’t seem to apply on the platform yet it applies on the outdoor tube station platforms, which are essentially the same
  • The polyester suit is the outfit of choice on the suburban rail line
  • You see the same people every day. Some of the ‘characters’ on my journey include the girl with the severe platinum blonde hair of looking like my ex-best friend, the scruffy man with the greying ponytail, the man in shorts, the art student with her portfolio. I wonder if anyone has noticed me and realised that I’m new?


Anonymous said...

Lol that's funny...I too take the surburban railway to work and those are all too familiar observations...

Take it from me, they'll have noticed you are new...have you noticed that everyone has their 'own' seat yet?

SandDancer said...

I hadn't noticed everyone having their own seat - which means I'm probably making a terrible faux pas and stealing someone else's place every day!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I get the bus and the two mornings a week when I am on lates there is one man who sits with his feet up over two seats wearing disgusting clothes, on the same seat each time. I hate him. I hate people that take two seats up. He doesn't even move if its full.

SandDancer said...

I see alot of this selfishness - often quite posh women who tut if asked to move their bag off the seat next to them in rush hour.