Friday, May 11, 2007

Fool Britannia

So Tony has finally stepped down and the nation’s thoughts turn to his successor (well, the few of us who actually bother to vote for anything other than television shows).

Already I’ve heard lots of radio discussions on Gordon Brown. I’m not sure about Brown – I don’t know enough about economics to know whether he has been a good Chancellor, but this, it would seem, is a minor matter. Some people are concerned about him being Scottish, some about his backing Tony on the war, but these are all fringe issues. The main problem people have with him appears to be that he is serious.

Personally, I think seriousness is a good quality for a Prime Minister to have. Its a pretty serious job. We are not picking someone to stay in the Big Brother house or to go through to the next round of Pop Idol. This is someone to run the country.

And the fact that he sometimes uses long words that most people don’t understand, again I don’t think this is a bad thing. I want to feel that the Prime Minister is more intelligent than me. Its not a job I could do so I do want someone more intelligent than me in the job.

What’s the alternative, Cameron in his ‘down with the kids’ fake Converse?

A return to politics where the policies are what matter would be a good thing.

(NB. This does not mean I support Labour)


M said...

I don't know anything about Brown but am interested to see how this turns out. The French election certainly caught some attention here.

Miss Forthright said...

I've always hated Blair for the war and the Kelly affair, but I guess the interest rates have remained healthy and the NHS got a good cash injection. I still think we can probably trust Labour more than Conservative. I don't think many people have forgotten about the Thatcher years yet.

SandDancer said...

M - French politics are so different from ours - not least because the population still seem pretty interested in it - something like 25 million people watched a televised debate between the two candidates.

Miss F - I think the recent interest rate rises will have hit alot of people hard even though they are still pretty low so I think Brown will be punished for that. I think a lot of people have forgotten the Thatcher year unfortunately! I haven't.

M said...

Yep, I read where they had an 85% voter turnout in France for this election. Here, we only get that for the really important elections like 'American Idol'. *argh*

Anonymous said...

I agree - I find it sad that people are so uninterested in politics nowadays and that everything has to be to viewed at the lowest common 'HEAT' demoninator.

I think Blair lost it after Iraq and although I'm still not sure about Brown, I think he'll pull it back together for Labour as not only has he all those nice young enthusiastic interchangable be-suited men and stern looking women with 1980s hairstyles for his cabinet, but the opposition is so weak. I'm sure david cameron doesn't actually have any policies and just keeps churning out the lastest buzz words like we won't notice...

SandDancer said...

But I don't think many people care about Cameron's lack of substance because he seems to be winning people over with soundbites and his casual attire.

Roses said...

Way-hey! Check the new decor! Very nice indeed.

I'm afraid I'm one of the apathetic voters and when I do, I'm a Greenie. I think both main parties are so morally corrupt!..

Oops rant slipped out there. That's why I don't do politics. It makes me cross.

SandDancer said...

Rant away Roses! I agree about the main parties - I think the trouble with politics is always the sort of person attracted to it as a career.

The new decor is a work in progress and something that has filled some time on a rainy morning. I see you have a new design too.