Sunday, May 13, 2007

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't

I was rather disturbed by the story in the Metro this week about Melanie Griffith's knees. Not sure much by the picture of her wrinkly knees - I hate the bit above my own knees and I've seen pictures of that bit of Kate Moss too, accompanied by an equally bitchy item about how her hard-living was taking its toil there. What disturbed me more was that such an article was being written and published at all. On one hand, it criticised Ms Griffiths for having spent a huge amount of money on cosmetic surgery in a bid of look young and in the next sentence was mocking her knees for daring to show signs of aging. You really just can't win. And whilst, I have a minimal amount of sympathy for the rich & famous, it is really is no wonder that so many women have body-image issues when articles like this are published in what is supposed to be a newspaper.

On a similar note, I have recently been suckered into buying a jar of the much-hyped Boots Perfect and Protect serum. I didn't queue at dawn for it - I bought it online with relative ease. It promises to reveal 'younger looking skin within 4 weeks'. I've been using it for two now and can feel a slight tautening of the skin. I am slightly concerned though by the thought of any return to my own younger skin - whilst my skin now isn't great, I don't want to go back to the spot-plagued skin I had at 19 - someone else's younger skin is what I'm hoping for. Really I'm not normally one for such vanity and no doubt I'll lose interest in applying it before I see any results.


M said...

I saw the Melanie Griffiths story online and had some similar thoughts. Now it's our knees that have to be perfect! Where does it end?

But I do have one simple, non-surgical solution for Ms. Griffiths. Wear capri pants and cover those knees. That's what us 'nobodies' would do if we had knees like that. :)

By the way, I ran into Melanie Griffiths 10 years ago in Aspen. She looked awful in person then, almost not recognizable vs. her public persona. In fact, she looked so old and worn, we were only sure it was her by that unmistakably annoying voice. She's been in and out of drugs and hard living for years, and it certainly showed, even then.

SandDancer said...

She does have one of the most annoying voices in the world. Has she been in much recently? I can't remember the last time I saw in anything. Or has she joined the ranks of people who are just famous?

M said...

Haven't seen her in anything lately. Now she's famous for being married to Antonio Banderas, and that's about it.

Roses said...

ooo...that looks interesting. Since December I've been a Chanel girl, but I can't use their anti-age serum. So perhaps I might give it a go. I was amused to see on the website that they are recommending it be used in conjunction with their own brand of moisturiser.

As far as Melanie G is concerned, I agree with m. Knobbly knees - keep them covered. It just goes to show, you can get used to anything...if I was married to Antonio, I'd make sure I was as well turned out, and as sexy as possible every minute of the day. Perhaps that's why she's so worn out? :-)