Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Holiday Attire - Some Thoughts

Sad as it may be, one of my main reasons for choosing my holiday destination was to fit around the type of clothes I wanted to be able to wear. Basically I want an excuse to drift around in pretty dresses. My holiday wardrobe therefore alternated between Italian Riviere style (Gwyneth Paltrow in The Talented Mr Ripley) and 60s/70s prints (Bianca Jaggar keeps coming to mind, but I don't know why as it certainly didn't involve a white suit nor a horse).

Whilst I understand that not everybody puts the same amount of consideration into these things, I was horrified by some of the outfits I saw. The men were all dressed pretty much standardly in tailored shorts or slack with a short-sleeved shirt or polo shirt - dull but inoffensive. But the women! Shorts pulled up as high as possible so that the waist was just below the bust, often with t-shirt tucked in and bagged over. And the colour scheme - fuschia pink with lilac seemed a popular combo.

Why do they do it? Why does all taste and decency desert some people once they go on holiday? I remember my mother saying things to us like 'it will do for your holidays' usually about a t-shirt or vest top that was cheap or not particuarly nice. It seems that this mindset is wide spread, but not in my suitcase. On holiday I dress exactly as I would at home if the weather was nicer.

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