Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Crying shame

I think I probably cry more often than the average person. Films & television programmes make me cry very easily. My sisters used to take great delight in shutting me in the sitting room with a carefully lined up part of Watership Down just so they could see me cry. I often well up at Cup Finals too - inexplicably really.

And in the past year and a bit, I've cried alot through grief. And then in the last couple of months as work has battered my self-esteem I've cried on a few occasions because I've felt like a failure. On Saturday I cried twice - once when I saw an old man sat on the bench outside his house in his dressing gown in the rain and later at a documentary about Bobby Moore.

But I have never cried in front of anyone at work. I've gotten annoyed & once or twice, my bottom lip has started to quiver but I've always managed to get a grip in time. There have been times (London bombings when my sister started to cry on the phone which set me off & finding out someone I knew had died) when I've had to dash to the toilet for a few minutes.

However, my manager, henceforth to be known as The Tearduct, cries at least once a fortnight when something work-related goes wrong. Its getting ridiculous. I'm useless in these situations and really I don't think that crying is the right response from her most of the time.

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