Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Not so bad

Its funny how when you are really dreading something that it turns out not to be so bad afterall. The hen night, or pre-wedding party as she insisted on calling it, was actually quite a good night out. Japanese food still isn't my favourite - I love those little dumpling things, but I was physically unable to eat anymore of the tempura as I could feel my arteries hardening. And I won't be rushing back to K-Box for karaoke anytime soon, but it was certainly an interesting experience. It probably helped that there was someone there shyer than me - I didn't actually sing into the mike but I sang along with everyone else to a few songs (I wanna be adored, Hey Jude, My Way).

We then went to Don't You Want Me Baby. The ex-holiday rep caused a massive argument in the queue that resulted in 10 people being barred - she was in the right but I hate scenes & Jo was rather embarrassed too. The club itself really wasn't worth the effort - the floor was covered in broken glass & the music wasn't great. There were a few sleazy men in there - one who when it was obvious he wasn't getting anywhere with me said that all my friends danced as if they were from Essex. The Dutch girl kept claiming random men were the stripper, including one bloke who had such bad BO. At the end of the night he came over to Charlotte & I and asked who from our group had called him a tosser - diplomacy had left me by then so I replied 'It could have been anyone of us' and walked off.
I also managed to get the night bus home without having to wait ages or fall asleep en route & I arrived home rather sober - all in all a successfully night.

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