Tuesday, May 09, 2006

All the World's a Stage

Vanessa Redgrave is visiting our offices today. This is actually quite a big deal - not because any of us are in anyway impressed by this, but because it isn't an everyday occurence. If I tell anyone where I work, they always think I must meet loads of famous people - we really don't. Dame Judy Dench never pops in for a cup of tea.

The other assumption is that we must be able to get free theatre tickets. Again we don't - unless shows aren't selling - in which case it is fairly safe to assume that you don't really want to go either (with the exception of some things at the Soho Theatre). Today the office was broken into and a CSI type woman came - she was asking about the nature of our business and sure enough her second question was about free tickets.

I must say I was rather disappointed with the CSI women - she was decidely lacking in glamour - she wasn't Horatio by any stretch of the imagination. I remember being equally disappointed when I did work experience at a law firm and it was nothing like LA Law. One of the female lawyers had a hump and mustache.

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