Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Colour Quiz

My friend Liz sent me a link to this Colour Quiz the other day which she thought was eerily accurate in her case. I was sceptical but this is what mine says and it does seem true, but maybe its because its fairly vague.

Your Actual Problem
Feels insufficiently valued in her existing situation, and is seeking different conditions in which she will have greater opportunity of demonstrating her worth.

Your Actual Problem #2
The fear that she may be prevented from achieving the things she wants leads her into a relentless search for satisfaction in the pursuit of illusory or meaningless activities.

The 'pursuit of illusory or meaningless activities' I thought was very much me, for example, and another and possibly even this would all come under that banner.


Anonymous said...

I just did this and it seems strangely accurate for me too...

Apparently I want share an environment with fewer problems! I can't imagine anyone wanting it the other way so I think you're right, it's the vagueness that makes it feel like it's worked

SandDancer said...

Quite - I'm yet to meet anyone who wants more problems.