Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hate Mail

I'm furious.

On Wednesday, I received a card through the door from Royal Mail about collecting post that the postage had been underpaid. I assume it is a book from ReadItSwapIt and am slightly peeved. So today, I go down to the depot, queue for 20 minutes along with it seems half of west London.

It tunrs out it is not the book at all but junk mail for a local estate agents. So I have to pay 23p plus a £1 handling fee to receive something that is going straight in the bin. Plus I've wasted an hour of my day and had to walk through quite a rough estate for this honour.

I'm very tempted to send Sinton Andrews (of 84 Northfield Avenue, Ealing, London W13 9RR) some unstamped post in return. Perhaps something heavy.

I realise this is petty, but is it illegal?

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Say No To Ripoff Britain said...

Imagine Trying it with all your junk mail? Imagine if millions of disgruntled royal mail customers got some sticky labels and posted the letters or leaflets etc back to the sender's address with "return to sender" on and didn't use a stamp. That would give Royal Mail something to do for the handling fee they charge wouldn't it?
It might make jumk mailers think twice as well!