Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hard as Nails

My New Year's Resolutions are the usual vague hopes to find a new job, manage my money better, get fit and as it has been since I was about 13, get my nails into a decent condition so I'm not ashamed of them. Its not that I bite my nails, but they are very weak, snap easily and I tend to pick at them when I'm nervous. But at the moment, they aren't too bad which has spurred me onto to taking control of the situation and yesterday I purchased a nail care set and some nail hardener.

Last night I set to work on them, applied two coats of the hardener as instructed. So far, so good. But on reading the full instructions included with said treatment, I fear I'm doomed to fail, as I am what it refered to as a 'Nail Abuser'. I was always aware that I was committing a crime against my gender by not wearing rubber gloves to do with washing up, but I didn't realise that I wasn't supposed to use my fingers to dial the phone, but I should use a pen instead! Does anyone do this? Do they mean on a push button phone or is this referring to the old phones with dials? If the former, than what about typing, if the latter, then they should perhaps update their advice for this century.

I won't be appearing the Guinness Book of Records anytime soon for the world's longest nails.


Anonymous said...

I have never used a pen to dial a phone number but I must confess that I use a pen/pencil to stab at the keys on my calculator at work, but it's laziness rather than a desire to save my nails!

Have you ever thought about getting false nails or those acrylic ones?

Tho' I do wonder if the acrylic ones are worth it as everyone I know who has them always seems to have a broken one (or two)

Miss Forthright said...

It's not possible to live with long nails. Have short neat ones instead.

SandDancer said...

Neat and all the same length was what I was aiming for rather than long anyway. I couldn't do false nails - far too high maintenance for me. It should be easier to keep them in decent condition now I'm not running the gallery where my hands were often covered in glue, paint and glitter.

Roses said...

You can get suppliments for hair and nail growth promoter...any good alternative health shop should be able to help.

Marigolds also help stop your hands from drying out.

Olive oil is really good for nails...good for your cuticles too.