Thursday, January 25, 2007

One man's rubbish...

As I mentioned earlier, I've recently joined my local Freecycle. I haven't offered or requested anything on it yet but we will probably use it get rid of a few things when we move. However, for now I'm enjoying reading what other people's Wants and Offered. Its fascinating.

One today made me smile:

Offered - two telephones. One has a problem with the number 2 but otherwise in good working order.

I suppose it would be fine for incoming calls but its a bit restrictive if you can't call anyone with a 2 in their number.

Or possible a great excuse for never ringing ex-friends you've outgrown - 'Sorry I just can't ring you. I don't have a 2'.

(Actually the person who I no longer want to be friends with who still rings me at odd hours despite me not having spoke to her for over 2 years, doesn't have a 2 in her hone number, but I could adapt it)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like that idea - it could be used to avoid contact with all sorts of people...

Tho I am a bit dubius of who would actually want a phone with a 2 that doesn't work, particularly in London when all phone numbers have a 2 in them!