Monday, January 08, 2007

Object of Desire

The Sara Berman Herringbone Coat.

I've been looking longingly at this coat for about three months now. It was originally £190 (i.e. far too much for me to justify spending in these frugal times). However, it has been now been reduced online to £79.00.

I tried it on again in store at lunchtime (where it has only been reduced to £99) and I'm still undecided.

The Case For
- I really like it
- Its a significant reduction
- This picture reminds me of the video for Suede's The Drowners (showing my age/huge dip in credibility there) - although that's more to do with the shorts than the coat, so a pretty rubbish reason.

The Case Against

- I have a perfectly serviceable winter coat that a) isn't hugely different but b) is alot warmer
- I will soon have plenty of other things (e.g. furniture & paint) to spend £79 on
- The coat will not transform me into looking like this model, which is probably more what I want more than the coat.

I think I will take a chance and see if it is reduced further. In the meantime, if anyone would like to put me off it, then please do.


Miss Forthright said...

If in doubt, don't bother. If you're not certain about something that you could spend a hundred quid on, forget it.

SandDancer said...

I wouldn't be paying £100 for it - £79 at the most! But you are right that if there is any doubts,I should leave it.

Miss Forthright said...

Oh I thought you said it was £99 in store? I'm all confused today.

Either way, leave the coat and count your pennies.

SandDancer said...

Problem solved - it has now sold out online where it was £79.