Monday, January 01, 2007

Cultural Review of 2006

What an poncey title that is!

Album of the Year
Primal Scream - Riot City Blues (rather predictable but I hardly bought anything that was actually from 2006). My most listened to album this year was Big Star #1 Record/Radio City, but these were recorded in the early 70s.

Film of the Year
Probably Capote (although this might be coloured by the novelty of seeing it on New Years Day in a cinema in New York). Also really liked Good Night and Good Luck.

Theatre Production of the Year
Avenue Q (I saw it twice admittedly I didn't pay to go either time, but it still takes alot for me to see something twice)

Television Programme of the Year
The Wire Season 4 (a bit of a cheat as we watched it on DVD as it hasn't made it over here yet). I also watched a hell of a lot of Law & Order SVU, watched Celebrity Big Brother for the first time and the Apprentice.

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